Editorial Services

Copy Editing

GreenPoint Content + Publishing delivers content that is scrutinized according to the high standards of our copy editing and review processes. GreenPoint employs only editors who are native English speakers. Our vision is to be both an employer and a solutions provider of choice, and our success is entrusted in our people. GreenPoint hires the right people, develops them, and retains our talent base through HR and management best practices.
Applying our years of professional, STM, and textbook editing experience to your content, GreenPoint offers editing services in the following subject areas:
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Formal Sciences
  • Applied Sciences and Professions

Developmental Editing

Our development team is comprised of writers, researchers, SMEs, educators, and copy editors who ensure that content is factually correct, readable, economically written, and compliant with the client’s standards and style requirements. The GreenPoint developmental-editing team is known for its subject-matter expertise in both the writing and editing of specialized content. GreenPoint researchers and writers have a strong collective expertise in writing, an unparalleled knowledge base, and a strong commitment to timeliness and a job well done. They work closely with editors to polish deliverables. Duplication software is utilized at every stage to ensure original content. Developmental editors are trained in style guidelines provided by clients. The Editorial Development Manager evaluates the skill level of each editorial candidate to ensure that every project team includes only the most proficient staff.


We provide reliable, high-quality, error-free content that is designed to capture your reader’s attention. Fact checking, style compliance, copy editing, and finally proofreading are integral parts of our authoring services.

Writers work hand in hand with editors. Our editors are also trainers, coaching writers in the demands of the writing project until the editors’ and client’s expectations are met.

GreenPoint employs editors with the following qualifications, in addition to any specialized knowledge that certain projects require:
  • Native English speakers
  • BA or higher in related field
  • Worked for recognized publishing houses and high-level projects
  • Experience in compliance with the major style guides
  • Passes our editorial tests